What Is So Special About Designer Jewelry Made With Diamonds

The expressiveness behind complex jewelry designs is exquisite. This form of craft is unquestionably prodigious and not for every one of us to master. If carefully engraved with highly precious stones like diamonds, the emanation of jewelry’s charm surpasses the beauteous manifestation of artistry.

Gold is significant to the Indian culture as it has been representing our heritage for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. But the rare diamonds have been our pride for a long time. Part of our history is depicted by some of the most famous diamonds in the world today, such as Briolette of India, Regent Diamond and Koh-i-Noor. Gathering knowledge of valuable metals and working with precious gemstones like solitaires require not only diligence but precision.

With ample experience, diamond jewelry designers are well versed with jewelry components, creative thinking and meticulous drawing skills. Using metals like gold, silver and platinum, various shapes of diamonds (Round, Heart, Oval etc.) are embedded in bespoke designs with the help of expert drafting skills in order to convert an artist’s impression into a product.

Working with diamonds in jewelry designs includes sophisticated activities like:

  • Formulating original ideas with sketches, computer-aided design and 3D printing.
  • Modelling the decorative details.
  • Blending the diamonds with jewelry patterns, shank, filigree, engraving and finish.
  • Setting the diamonds correctly.
  • Working with metal textures.
  • Assembling, soldering and polishing of finished jewelry components.
  • Calculating budgets for metal, gemstones and workmanship.
diamond jewelry designing

Self-employed diamond jewelry designers often have to network with the right clients, retail outlets and suppliers to establish themselves as a skilled craftsperson of repute. They regularly associate with different galleries, provide consultation to the suppliers, take part in competitions, launch their own collections and attend various events of this trade.

Discovering your innate talent of designing jewelry with diamonds would also require you to learn about gold weight estimation and calculation, software tools (CAD / CAM), freehand drawing & editing, and working with different shades and colors.

You can take your creativity to the next level by acquiring a recognition or certificate from any prominent training institutions like Gemological Institute of America. With originality, love and a passion for jewelry, the designers can successfully run a diamond jewelry designing business and build a strong base of customers.

Here are some beautiful examples of diamond jewelry:

diamond ring
diamond ring fashion
diamond engagement ring
beautiful diamond ring