Rapaport Price List is a weekly report published by the Rapaport Group which is available for the diamond merchants and wholesalers around the globe to trade loose diamonds based on Rappaport’s standardized pricing system, or more precisely, the Diamond Pricing Chart.

Rapaport does not trade diamonds itself, but its entities like Diamonds.net, Rapaport Store and RapNet.com are considered as the industry’s primary sources of information to compare diamond prices in the marketplace and use the online diamond trading network called RapNet®.

The primary product of this organization is the Rapaport Price List, also known as Rap List or Rap Sheet. This report is only available to subscribers and diamond dealers which acts as a quick reference to identify and set the estimated price of diamonds for the customers.

rapaport report

The elaborated grids in a Rapaport report tell us about the approximate price for every kind of diamond after considering all four determining factors – Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. Following the rates mentioned in the list, jewelers can negotiate the selling price or even offer discounts to consumers across the world. Therefore, the weekly issue of Rapaport Price List works as a ready reckoner for the merchants during the sales process.

In the image of an example report, you may notice price changes and drops. Also, this sheet is for Round Diamonds (Cut), the prices are in Hundreds US$ per Carat according to the Clarity rating and Color grade in the table.

The Rapaport online portal – Diamonds.net enables prospective buyers to access over a million diamonds available with worldwide suppliers to make the choices online and get an extensive overview.

Also, RapNet® (powered by Rapaport Price List) is an online trading network which is considered as the industry’s most significant online tool to connect thousands of diamond traders and buyers worldwide. RapNet® membership plans are available for the jewelers, suppliers and diamond manufacturers to buy, showcase and sell their diamonds online throughout the global community. RapNet® tool is only available to the businesses after an approval process, not the retail customers.

Moreover, the other unit – Rapaport Store has established itself as a notable marketplace offering diamond pricing data in detail with historical statistics. For comprehensive insights, visitors can buy Rapaport’s analytical products, such as Rapaport Research Reports, Auction Results, Rapaport Magazine and Rapaport Diamond Price Statistics Annual Report which are very useful for the dealers to do business with end consumers.